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We, at the Personal Growth Expo, know the importance of up-skilling to increase your personal development and financial gain, especially in your own business. The speed at which technology is growing means we need to stay up to date and the best way to do that is through professional training companies.

Free Workshop on Goal Setting & Action

Here’s a message from our newest business partner who recently joined the Personal Growth Expo.  Don’t miss their free workshop on Goal Setting & Action – How to write life, yearly, monthly & weekly goals that motivate you daily in 5 different areas of life: personal, business/career, financial, health/fitness, and emotional.

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As one of the fastest growing companies in our service sector, we are proud to continue educating, training and providing employment opportunities for novice and professional personnel alike. We’re proud to be participating in this year’s event, as our Founders, Jack Corbett and Ryan Tuckwood, are walking examples of how important it is to constantly seek personal development in order to be successful.

Over the past several years, we’ve trained, coached and mentored 1000’s of world class sales, customer service, marketing, and management personnel. Companies we’ve worked with include Groupon, Palm Lake Resorts, Mantra, Fairfax Media, and Real Insurance to name a few.

ISR Training & Recruitment (1)Many of the people that we have placed into work had absolutely no relevant experience when they joined the ISR Training Academy and now earn 6-figure incomes and beyond, utilising the skills we have taught them. We aspire to educate individuals to the highest industry standard and provide them with a skill set that will be applicable to any role.

As well as providing those with little experience the actionable tools to excel in the workplace, we pride ourselves on our ability to take seasoned staff and business owners to the next level. We thrive in working with individuals and organisations who have already experienced different types of training over the years and introducing them to a unique and modern perspective. By focusing on how the consumer of today buys, we have been able to massively increase both income and revenue streams for employees and business owners alike.

Our coaches and mentors have decades worth of training and negotiation experience, specializing in, but not limited to Real Estate, Insurance, Advertising, Education, Finance, Superannuation, Solar, and much more.

All Academy Inductees have access to:

  • Our award-winning ISR Online Sales & Telemarketing Course, regardless of experience
  • Access to our FREE Recruitment process, nationally
  • Access to a Dedicated Support Officer
  • A personally assigned Training Coach, (specifically chosen based on experience and ambition), available once a week for 45 minutes, either face to face or over the phone
  • Personal representation from ISR’s respected Professional Negotiators
  • Budgeting Assistance, on Saving and Investing
  • Access to Ongoing Coaching Videos

Kick-start your journey to financial freedom, give us a call today and take the first step towards starting the rest of your life.

We can’t wait to meet you at the Personal Growth Expo!

Level 1 The Gateway Building, 50 Appel St Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

07 5531 6485

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Are you Getting it Right?

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Sue at Self Love movementMy name is Susan Jane and my business is called Intuitive Nature. I am an author, speaker and workshop facilitator encouraging you to develop, trust and utilise your intuition to create sound decisions with confidence. But like most small, service based businesses I struggled to increase my bottom line. I couldn’t get my name, brand or service out and into the public eye.

The harder I worked on creating more products and services for the business, the more it effected my physical health. As my physical health declined my inner thoughts and mental processors deteriorated, spiraling me to work harder in my business. I knew I was getting it wrong and I had to urgently make significant changes.

You see I was working on my business, BACKWARDS.

I had learnt how to start, create and build a business from every aspect but it still wasn’t bringing in the results I was hoping for. I was working longer and harder to get business wealth that I neglected my physical health and devastated my inner stealth.

To get my business right I needed to personally develop in the right order.

Get the Head right

Get the Body right

Get the Business right

This is how the Personal Growth Expo came to be. Unless we consistently grow in all aspects of our life we will not create the success we want. To get your bottom line flowing you must flow in your mental thoughts and attitude and have the physical stamina to achieve your goals.

The Personal Growth Expo collaborates with small, service based businesses in their local area to give them the opportunity to shine in the public eye. It will have keynote speakers, hands on workshops and intimate presentations to attract a target audiences wanting to personally develop in your area of expertise.

Under the elements of Wealth, Health and inner Stealth we intend NOT to have two businesses the same, giving variety and diversity for the audiences attending. So exhibition places are not only limited we have a ‘first in’ policy that will allow your business to really shine.

The Gold Coast Personal Growth Expo introductory offer for exhibitors is only $250 and if you get your $50 deposit in before August 31st you get a free video of your business and its involvement with the Personal Growth Expo. Pay your Exhibitor’s Deposit now to hold your spot. The final payment of $200 will be due in late September.

 Event Details

Sunday 12th November 2017   9am – 5pm

Albert Waterways Community Centre Broadbeach

Expected Stalls 60+

Expected audience 400 – 600

Target Audience: Female business women living in the local Gold Coast area ranging from 25 to 60. Ladies who feel they have more to offer or they are missing out on something and want to learn what it is or how they can improve their situation. Ladies who want to grow personally and not disappear into everyday social norms or expectations.

Entry Costs: From $10.00 on line.

Attached are the registration forms and other information for you to look at but please grab your spot by paying your Exhibitor’s Deposit today and securing the growth of you and your business at the:

 Personal Growth Expo

If you have any other questions please send us an email personalgrowthexpo@gmail.com



It is all in Your Story

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Janice Muir

Janice MuirThe Personal Growth Expo is about stepping up and being counted and Janice Muir certainly does that. We are delighted to have on board a lady who has not only experienced hardship losing her long-time partner, but has also had to battle her own health issues. Janice has done all this by maintaining her focus on her vision.

Janice Muir, Published Author and Speaker, has put her hand up to be our Logistic Coordinator. A mammoth task bringing together the exhibitors to create a natural flow or movement of human traffic to the expo. This will ensure that what the exhibitors and visitors expectations will manifest right before their eyes. I vision indeed to be proud of but please read on and let Janice tell you about her personal growth story.

Janice writes:

I, lead a relatively quiet life until I was faced with a few of life’s adversities. I was strong and gained my true strength to fight and keep the dream alive.  It was my younger years when I first achieved as a young ten-year-old to reach state championships in Athletics with a gold medal. It was my athletic pathway that showed great potential.  Dreams, and goals of reaching more gold were gone, in one split second – for the mind to conceive. It only took a family members comment to shatter my dreams and I never run again.

What makes you think you are good enough and I never ran again!

I did a lot of other sports, netball, basketball, and was a leader in Aerobics up to 5 days for a week, over 5 yrs, however I never competed in athletics again.

I witnessed and experienced many life changing events. In 1998, I faced losing my partner of 30 odd years to the disease Alzheimer’s Dementia.  Then in year 2000 I placed him in a home.  In late 200,1 I uplifted from Darwin and moved to Brisbane; in 2002, my partner passed away.  In 2003, my daughter moved back to Darwin to start a fresh life and now happily married with 2 children.  In 2005 from a standard doctors’ consultation I was diagnosed with pre-cervical cancer – it was caught in time. 

6 short months later; April 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and faced radical surgery to have to fight to keep the dream alive again.  In 2007 after 9 months away from employment I faced the gradual return to work.  From then onwards to 2011 I faced my personal challenges of development and growth after my illness.  During this time, I wrote lots of notes on parts of my life as a way of coping during a challenging time in life.  It wasn’t until around 2009 I was fortunate to study Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and then it finally clicked; I gained further clarity and started to write of my own experiences and bring this into a book. 

With another adversity to face in 2012 and a radical impact on my life I was retrenched from a 30-year career in the Public Service. I was fortunate to have the insight to learn from the personal development impact and to have enjoyed writing in this time that I self-published my first book in late 2012.  I also was challenged after an appraisal of my first book to create my second edition.  2015 my revised second edition was re-published with guidance and enhanced new content. This has led me on a path of new discovery to want to write more.  I was fortunate to gain a writing coach and my second topic (3rd book) was born; called A VISION to Win. This book was published in May 2017.

I have a small library of books on the go. A small series of 6 books for 8-18 ages of which 2 of these books are written and 4 plots ready to go.  I have 2 books plotted on ‘my journey coping with Alzheimer’s’ and the other is ‘coping with breast cancer alone’ both books are plotted just need to be bought into story.  I have managed getting these book into order on my own and had some help from a mentor.   My inspiration is mainly to inspire the young adult to see themselves already achieving what they desire in life.

My current book A VISION to Win is a story about my athletic days, and the journey of what I learned along the way. How to win Gold all using the power of the mind.

Thank you

Janice Muir

We all have stories of Personal Growth and we all have stories yet to be created about Personal Growth. As an exhibitor you can share your story to promote your product or service and if you pay your deposit before close of business August 31st you have the option of sharing it in our advertising.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help others in their personal growth by sharing your personal development with them.

Exhibitors deposit to hold a place at the Expo.

General Tickets for the Personal Growth Expo

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Attention: Exhibitors

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Exhibitors Only

For a limited time only we have an introductory offer for Exhibitors of the Personal Growth Expo if they pay their Exhibitors Deposit by 31st August 2017.

This is thanks to

Melly’s Photography.

Melly Stewart is a rare Creative Entrepreneur who has found a way to merge her love for story-telling, deep conversations, social media, business and videography into the one enterprise. Known as The Story Collector, Melly uses vulnerability and raw emotion in her stories to truly connect her clients with their audience in a genuine and heartfelt way (and can frequently be found crying right along with the person in front of the camera.) Self-proclaimed as the ‘Alfred to your Batman’ Melly loves working with Women who have a deeper purpose to affect great change in the world and loves being able to lift them up so they can make those changes happen.


Although a photographer, Melly’s understanding of the entrepreneurial journey allows her to do so much more than just ‘take a photo’. She adds elements of Mentoring into her services to ensure her clients get their message into the world as quickly as possible while still maintaining a business supportive of their lifestyle.

When not working on her clients stories, you can find Melly jumping on the trampoline with her 5 year old daughter, nature hiking with camera in hand or upcycling old furniture.

However currently she is building a Facebook community called The Story Collective for Women with Purpose, is in the process of creating her own TV Show around the Stories she collects and is the Media Co-ordinator for the Personal Growth Expo.

If you pay your deposit before the end of August you will automatically get a free one minute video of your involvement in the Personal Growth Expo to use as an advertising tool for your business and for the expo. This is part of the package for the Introductory Exhibitors Offer as below but you must have your deposit in by close of business on 31st August 2017 to take part in this video offer.

Jump on board now and pay your Exhibitors Deposit to save your place at the first Gold Coast

Personal Growth Expo

 Introductory Exhibitor Offer $250.00

  • Designated trade table in the Main Hall for the complete day
  • Your logo on our social media and marketing activities where available
  • 1 minute video highlighting your business involvement with the expo
  • Video will be on the website and shared via social media channels
  • Estimated value at $500.00

This introductory off cannot last so please hurry and book your place.

Filming has Commenced

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Videos for Marketing

When you come on board the Personal Growth Expo we do a one minute video of you, your product or services and your involvement with the Personal Growth Expo. This in itself has many different levels of Personal Growth.

Firstly it may help you step outside your comfort zone and stand in front of the camera. A Personal Growth aspect that I took on recently. It also gives you the opportunity to market yourself to your audience in a different personal growth light. This gives them another look at who you are and what you stand for. Thirdly you have the video to use throughout all of your websites and social media sites. Now you’re really putting yourself ‘out there’.

Working together we can create a bigger impact on the local community, helping not only those in small business but those in the greater community improve their personal development. Assisting with business wealth skills, personal health habits and positive mind set attitudes all under one roof.


Don’t miss your opportunity to shine at the Personal Growth Expo. Stall holders that have paid their deposit by August will get more chances to promote their video than the late comers.

Contact us now at the Personal Growth Expo

P/S The blooper is on the Personal Growth You Tube site and I’m sure there will be many more to come  🙂

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Have you ever been told you over-analyse?

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I have on many occasions but today when the Star Track man delivered my parcel he asked me what business I was in, I was taken back at his response.

Sue 1 Half SizeI explained that I was an author and speaker about all things Intuitive. My company was called Intuitive Nature and I focus on developing, trusting and utilising your Intuition to make sound, confident decisions. We are all naturally Intuitive, it is part of human Nature. It is our Intuitive Nature.

‘Ahh,’ he said in a slightly put out voice. ‘Women’s Intuition. You know sometimes I think that’s just people overanalysing stuff?’

Well this really struck a chord in me as I have often been told I overanalyse things and I knew intuitively he had experienced prior issues with his partner, about things he had said or done, which she obviously questioned him about.

I’ve been told that I question things too much, I feel too much, I should stop thinking about things and let them go, I don’t need to understand everything, or my favourite … stop overanalysing it, it was only a joke. What is a joke to someone can be hurtful to another and yet when you express your discomfort you’re told to ‘stop overanalysing.’

So once the Star Track man left I did what every good over analyser would do when given a statement like that, I analysed why it struck a chord in me. I wanted to get my head around the emotion it caused to see if intuition and overanalysing had something in common.

When I analyse something I want to get a grip of what is happening, why it is happening and what the results could be if it continued. I do this in an effort to improve, develop or personally grow in my life, to become someone or something better. I only analyse things that have affected me in some way. It has to be important and have a strong emotional effect on me for me to analyse it at all.

So, if something is that important and creating a strong enough emotional effect I want to get an understanding from it. You can imagine how it feels when you’re told to stop overanalysing! Especially when it’s your partner or friend who has pressed the emotional discord in you.

Peter Brock

OK so this is about overanalysing emotions, something a lot of men might not understand, but emotions are as important to me as Holden was to Peter Brock. Would it be right to say that maybe the Holden racing team overanalysed the car and should have just let it be. Who cares if the fuel injection system had a glitch or if the car body was heavy creating more drag? Really! Do you need to look into a car race that deeply? Can’t you just go faster or ignore that flat spot when the motor roars to life? Of course that wouldn’t be heard of, in fact every single aspect of those racing cars is analysed over and over again because the team know it is important to them and they are never satisfied when they know things can be continuously improved on.

Jeff Horn

Imagine if Jeff Horn’s coach told him to just get into the boxing ring and ‘Beat the crap outta the other guy!’ One can only guess the years of dedication in overanalysing every aspect of that sport, in every manner possible, to achieve the ultimate career goal. One of the biggest areas that would have been analysed nonstop for the last twelve months would have been Jeff’s attitude to the bout. Constant tweaking and testing of his physical, mental and emotional beliefs as he trained would have been an upmost priority but isn’t that just over analysing? It appears that when it comes to our feelings or emotions we are not allowed to overanalyse but on other things we are.

Hmmm … very confusing but what has that got to do with our intuition?

Emotions and Intuition go hand in hand and it is the analysing or reflecting inwards that allows your Intuition to develop quicker and more accurately. The only real way to develop your Intuitive strengths and grow personally is to reflect on your emotions and yes that means analysing them over and over again. Knowing what pressing your buttons and how you can control it but first you have to understand it by analysing it until you are satisfied. This is Personal Growth or Personal Development at it’s very best and I bet those of you who are told you are overanalysing things are also very intuitive because of this reflection.

Personal Growth isn’t just about your skills in business or getting your physical body healthy, it is also about your mindset and your emotions. Let’s face it if you don’t love doing something, or have the passion and drive to achieve your goals then you will be struggling in those areas of life.

Get your head right to achieve your goals.

Get your body right so you can physically achieve your goals.

Get your business right so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour or at the very least feel great about it.

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Come and meet us at The Personal Growth Expo.

An expo designed for you to grow in all areas of your life and it’s all under one roof.

Speaking of Growth

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Our Personal Growth Story

Recently I stepped out of my comfort zone to put call out for people to assist me with the Personal Growth Expo and the response was amazing. Four ladies from over South East Queensland put their hands up to be part of this tremendous experience on the 12th November 2017.

So it is with delight that I introduce you to the new members of the group and highlight their strengths in creating this fantastic expo that relates not only to your health and business wealth, it also takes into consideration your inner Stealth or mind set.

Trish Springsteen
Trish Springsteen – Speaker and Workshop Coordinator at the Personal Growth Expo

Trish Springsteen

Speaker and Workshop Coordinator.

Trish Springsteen is a multi-international award winning speaker, mentor, author and radio host specialising in speaker training.

Clients work with Trish because they know she can help them leverage their business with speaking and communication.

Typically Trish mentors introverts, authors and advocates helping them to have the self-belief and confidence to step up and share their message with those who need to hear it. She believes that when you Believe – Act – Share you become empowered and are building the foundation for Success.

Trish is a member of Women’s Network of Australia, Business and Professional Women (BPW), Motivational Speakers Australia and Women Speakers Association. Trish has been a Keynote speaker and MC for conferences, events, gala dinners and meetings nationally and internationally.

Trish is the author, co-author and contributing author of 9 books including Creating Confident Communicators and The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women and is featured in Motivational Speakers Australia.

We could not have asked for a better person to be the Speaker and Worker Coordinator at the Personal Growth Expo than our own multi-international award winner Trish Springsteen.

If you want to forward your career as a speaker contact Trish through the Personal Growth Expo and she will contact you with all the information.


Personalgrowthexpologowith centrePNG Date

For more information about becoming a business partner stall holder at the Personal Growth Expo get in contact with us now.