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Lynne Cutler – Psychic Healer

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Aura and Chakra Photos with Psychic Readings

Lynne Cutler is a well known Psychic and Healer who is helping you with your energy and what you are attracting into your life. Your Aura and Chakras tell you the energy you are emitting and therefore what you are attracting into your world.

Lynne is currently writing a book about her psychic experiences and how they have changed her life for the better.

Get your Aura Photo done with Lynne in the STEALTH section of the Personal Growth Expo and discover what you need to change in order to achieve your hearts desire.

Date has been Postponed to the 12th November 2017

Come and say hi to Lynne and ask her about the meditation groups she holds and the Psychic workshops she is putting together.


Shari Ware is SWARE by Fitness

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Here is a personal trainer that has been there – done that and knows what it really feels like to have your life in the palm of your hands and determine if you are going to live or not.


Shari has lost over 100 kg

And she doesn’t want to find them again which is why she is the ultimate personal trainer. She is the go to person for those who want to loose 20 kg plus because she is the expert in weight loss.

Train with someone who has walked the walk and really knows what it is like. Come and talk to Shari at the Personal Growth Expo 12th November 2017 at the Albert Waterways Community Centre and get your health back on track.

The Personal Growth Expo has been postponed to 12th November 2017


Elements Chiropractic

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Dr Lyndall Sundberg is:


Dr. Lyndall Sundberg is a leading chiropractor on a new form of spinal work that uses a softer technique than what the traditional chiropractors use.

This fascinating technique leaves one feeling relaxed, in flow  and ready to face the challenges that life throws at us. She is conveniently located just off the M1 Highway at Nerang. Suite 4  39-41 Nerang Street Nerang and you can book an appointment on 5596 6888.

Postponed to 12th November 2017

Dr Lyndall will tell you all about it below.


Welcome to the Personal Growth Expo Dr. Lyndall Sundberg from Elements Chiropractic.

Nicole Rose

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Nicole is a rare blend of lawyer, artist and trainer. Nicole took the phrase ‘a picture says a thousand words’ and turned it into a business that combines workplace training with imagination and art. Nicole has merged her love of art and illustration with her 20 years of experience as an international Compliance specialist, trainer and lawyer.


Nicole’s client base is impressive. She has worked and with leading international organizations, including Aon, Wesfarmers, Rio Tinto, Trace International, Microsoft, Oxfam, Rolls Royce, Airbus and LinkedIn. Her work is seen by thousands of learners around the world through her successful international training company, Create Training. Create Training was founded in 2012 and produces online compliance training by taking complicated, boring or overwhelming workplace topics and turning them into intriguing, short animations that are palatable to learners and can be easily understood and remembered.

Create Training has also created a library training videos on all topics relating to Compliance, which can be made available in any language. The training has received overwhelmingly positive responses from clients and learners alike, an exceptional feat for compliance training.

Nicole’s methods have also been written about in Forbes. As well as being written about, Nicole is also an avid writer and has a great following of readers as a result of her unusual blend of neuroscience, behaviors and creativity with legal and compliance topics. Nicole regularly writes for leading compliance publications such as The FCPA Blog, the SCCE, Compliance Insights, The Compliance Channel, Ethics Intelligence and also regularly provides thought leadership with her own blog.


Nicole has released a book about her methods, Compliance With Attitude. You can download a complimentary copy of the Ebook pdf version here.

Contact Nicole at or you can connect with her on LinkedIn here.

Welcome Nicole Rose to the Personal Growth Expo


Bendigo Bank is with us!

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So very exciting!!!

The Bendigo Bank has come on board as a sponsor for the Personal Growth EXPO and we are super excited.

We believe this is the start of something big and the Bendigo Bank believe it too which is why they have jumped on board with us. Once major businesses take hold of events like this the benefits for small business holders increases three fold. The Bendigo Bank is the first of our sponsors as we have a few more up our sleeve ready to assist with different areas of the Expo.

Don’t miss out on becoming a business partner with us and the Bendigo Bank by applying to have a stall at the Expo here. Remember spaces are limited and we will have 20 business partners in each of the following sections. WEALTH, HEALTH and STEALTH. Business wealth, physical health and inner stealth and business partners have the first option to a time slot on the speaking stages in their section.

Be quick and reserve your stall space here for the Expo.

If you are interested in purchasing general admission tickets just click on this link  Remember there is a saving when purchasing prior to the event and the on-line event tickets close the day before. Don’t miss out on improving your business wealth, physical health and inner stealth all delivered by the experts in their fields.

Get your general admission tickets NOW and avoid any delays at the door.



Not again!!!!

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Hi Everyone,

This time it isn’t my fault. I have just been notified by the council that the venue we are holding the Personal Growth Expo in is being refurbished. So we are bringing the date forward by one week to Sunday the 2nd of April.

Sunday 2nd April 2017

Everything else is the same we have just moved it forward by one week to accommodate the changes being made to the venue during the Easter break.

Remember to get in your registration forms for the Personal Growth Expo to reserve your seat at this inaugural event.                Registration Forms

Tickets are now available at a discounted rate if purchased on line so get your soon.

Get my ticket NOW

Increasing personal growth on all levels   Health, Wealth and Stealth


Applications are Open

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The Personal Growth Expo has commenced taking application forms for Business Partners and Speakers

Thank you for taking the time.

Congratulations, you have real interest in the upcoming Personal Growth Expo to be held in Broadbeach on 2nd April 2017 and now you can reap he rewards.

Download the application forms needed to become one our Business Partners (the term we prefer rather than stall holder because we are in this together to make a difference):

  1. Speakers only
  2. Business Partner (stall holder) and Speaker or
  3. Business Partner only

The application form for Business Partners is the same for each of the above three elements (Speaker and/or Stall Holder) and the relevant sections need to be filled in before emailing them back.


As we intent to have only one business representing your area of expertise it is imperative that you get your forms in as soon as possible. Payments do not need to be made until confirmation has been received that you have been successful. Business Partners that have a stall will be prioritised for speaking spaces and times. Please click on the links below to download your application form and if you have any questions phone 0438 111 174

Application Forms for Business Partners and Speakers

To bring you up to date the Expo is being Sponsored by our local community Bendigo Bank and Intuitive Nature The Personal Growth Centor. We have Indigenous artist Steve on board and strong interest from the Gold Coast City Council.

This Expo is about bringing our community together for Personal Growth through Wealth, Health and Stealth ensuring we keep the Gold Coast Small Businesses Bottom Line strong and prosperous.