Why Personal Growth?

Imagine having the ability to create unlimited opportunities, balance your lifestyle and improve your relationships with family, friends, clients and other business partners all at once.

As small business owners we struggle to make ends meet financially, physically and more often than not emotionally. The stress and pressure we put on ourselves is enormous and then add to the mix the external compression’s of life. The full process of creating, developing and growing a business requires lots of personal growth in order to move positively forward.

  • Personal growth in your business knowledge and skill sets.
  • Personal growth in your physical health and ability to perform the skills.
  • Personal growth in your emotional strength and determination.

Many service based small businesses struggle to get themselves out into the general public. Going to the same networking events create great relationships but not necessary the new blood needed to promote a small business to the general public. THe only way to suceed is to keep growing.png

Local exhibition costs have skyrocketed making it no longer affordable for struggling entrepreneurs to get out into the public arena. Let’s face it as a small business owner you have to know a little bit about everything in your business and each business will have areas they deem more important than others. Consequently it is imperative that as small business owners we remain up to date on the skills and expertise we need to stay in our business.

At all levels of growing your business you need to also grow your personal strengths and skills. This is why we have created a Personal Growth Expo targeting the Small Business Owners. For those who can’t get out and about but still need to know what there is help available.

Personal Growth

The Personal Growth Expo was our starting point but since then it has grown bigger and better. Now the Personal Growth Head Quarters opens up other options for people and businesses to grow.

The three sections of Personal Growth are Health, Wealth and Stealth.

The delivery methods are changing to meet the demands.

The delivery methods we are using help others with their personal growth in the comfort of their own homes, in like-minded gatherings or workshops or through the visual enjoyment while on the move. We now bring to you personal growth through activities, Inspirations and Experiences.

Activities – Growing in the comfort of your own home. Personal Growth Activities is a directory of on line courses, webinars or activities you can do to increase your personal growth in the areas of Health, Wealth or Stealth. Personal Growth On Line.

Inspirations – Growing with stories that spark your imagination. Personal Growth Inspirations are videos of interviews and businesses that promote personal growth that you can tune into on the move in the areas of Health, Wealth and Stealth. Personal Growth In Action.

Experiences Growing by distinguishing a different perspective. Personal Growth Experiences is a directory of speakers, writers and workshop facilitators to which you can personally attend in the areas of Health, Wealth and Stealth. Personal Growth in Person.

Exhibitions Growing through personal interactions and connections. Personal Growth Expos create a place for deeper connections and interactions which are currently based in large but local areas of the state such as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. Personal Growth one on one.