The Personal Growth Expo is designed to assist people with their business wealth and knowledge, their physical health and well-being, and their emotional strength and determination which it does by bringing together the local people and their businesses all under one roof.

Back on the Gold Coast due to popular demand

With over 70 different businesses, a separate presentation area, professional speakers and free workshops you will find the perfect opportunity to move forward in your personal growth and achieve overall lifestyle harmony.

Personal Growth Expo

Sunday 4th November 2018 9 am – 4 pm. Southport Community Centre

Unlock the door to your Health, Wealth and Wisdom Develop your business smarts, your body confidence & your emotional vibe.

What you can expect:

  • 70+ Exhibitors & Community Organisations
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Hands-on Interactive Workshops
  • Opportunities to brainstorm
  • Live Entertainment
  • Great conversations
  • Food stalls and more

Get your Head right …

Get your Body right …

Get your Business right

Interested in Exhibiting?

Exhibitor Tables include:

  • A trestle table approximately 1.6m depending on location
  • An area approximately 2 metres square
  • A black fitted table cloth for your table
  • 2 chairs with each table
  • 2 entry tickets

The above inclusions are for all exhibitors however we have a few specials for all of our Early Birds. When you come on board early it gives us the opportunity to share your business around in all of our marketing avenues. It also gives us time to help you grow in your business and personal areas.

Early Bird Extras

  • A free business video of your business to share on social media and your website
  • 2 free business workshops to attend prior to the Expo
    • Leveraging your business using Social Media
    • Connecting clearly with your Audience at the Expo
  • A featured article on the blog and extra marketing throughout our Social Media sites.
  • We will also use your business video as a marketing tool to promote the Expo and give you more exposure.

The Early Bird Exhibitors is for a limited time and places can not be held, so book now to save your spot as an Early Bird Exhibitor at the Gold Coast 2018 Personal Growth Expo.

Early Bird Exhibitor Book NOW

The Personal Growth Expo

Giving small business owners the opportunity to promote their business to the public, listen to what other business partners have to say and open their minds to change possibilities allows strong personal growth.

The three sections of the Personal Growth EXPO are Health, Wealth and Stealth.

This represent physical health, business wealth and emotional stealth. Therefore businesses will fall into these categories and workshops or speaking events will reflect personal growth within these sections.

Health –  Such as: Physical Health, Exercise, Weight Loss, Yoga, Dance, Movement, Food, Supplements, Trainers, Chiropractor, Massage, and more

Wealth –  Such as: Business Health, Business Development, Finance, Travel, IT, Networking, Skills, Publishing, Intellectual Property, Banking, and more

Stealth – Such as: Inner Health, Relationships, Psychic, Reiki, Meditations, Auras, Personal Transformation, Chakras, Energy Work, Connections and more

  • Types of businesses will be monitored for variety
  • Guest speakers are to reflect personal growth and bring value to their listeners
  • There will be a separate speaking area for the keynotes and workshops
  • Exhibitors cost are kept to a minimum with an early bird special (No Power)
  • Exhibitors need to apply for a table within one section of Health, Wealth or Stealth
  • Exhibitors can purchase more than one table and can have a table in each section
  • Exhibitors may be video interviewed for promotional use prior to the Expo
  • Marketing is expected to be collaborative meaning we all promote each other and the Expo in the local area