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The Personal Growth Expo Line Up

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Here’s the line up for the Personal Growth Expo

Speakers Program Guide

Here are the times

Progam Speakers Guide

There is something for everyone and tickets are selling fast. Click on the link below and grab the special 2 for 1 deal that is running at the moment. Bring a friend along and enjoy the entertainment and positive environment as we all come together to grow, learn and collaborate.

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.



Program Guide

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It’s a Sneak Peak – Look who’s Talking!

Workshops GC 2017

It’s all happening here at the Personal Growth Expo and you can see why we are so excited. The final copy of our speakers and workshops is out and about ready for you.

Take your pick in what type of personal growth you want to focus on.

We are working on the printed version of the program guide for you and will have more details on each workshop later. As you can imagine things happen so this program guide is subject to change. But for now we’ve have done a lot of our own personal growth-ing getting all of this together for your enjoyment, we know you’ll like it.

What an amazing journey, join us this Sunday 12th Nov Gold Coast

Join up to the newsletter as we are still giving away free double passes and we will be confirming the next event at the Sunshine Coast.

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Sharon Anyos – 5 Times World Boxer

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The Personal Growth Expo is excited to present Keynote Speaker Sharon Anyos to our stage on 12th November 2017 at Broadbeach

This lady has accolades that most people would not expect.. She is a 5 x World Champion Boxer.  Let that sink in for a moment.. she won not 1, not 2 not 3 but 5 World Titles in one of the toughest male dominated sports in history..  Not only that Sharon was Australia’s very first woman in history to ever win a world title in the sport of boxing and she was the very first woman to compete in a sanctioned boxing bout here in Australia.  She is the Inaugural WBC (World Boxing Council) Featherweight Champion meaning she was the very first woman to win this prestige title in the world and HISTORY of boxing and it doesn’t stop there… Sharon Anyos is the WBC Featherweight Emeritus Champion which means she is the Elite of the Elite with only 12 Champions in history holding this accolade … she is in an original group of 8 ever chosen for the title and the ownership of lifetime Emeritus Champion .

She is also the WBC Peace and Goodwill Ambassador, which is a position she holds very close to her heart.

She knows life is about not what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for others who can’t help themselves.

Sharon Anyos Personal Growth Expo 2This woman is an independent Mumma of 4 gorgeous young boys who she home schools, with one of her boys having special needs.  Her dream after having kids was to get back in the ring and continue as the person she always knew she was – “A Champion Fighter”.

After a 9 week stint in the USA, Mexico and the Bahamas with all her gorgeous boys and Manny where Sharon relocated her entire family to train and setup her new career to re-enter the boxing world – She even had the hand written contact details of the King of boxing promoters himself Mr Don King personally handed to her by him at a dinner table when he said he wanted to lead the future of her fight career.

After 9 weeks of gruelling and incredible training with the Roy Jones Jnr team, who had never had a female fighter in their gym in its entire existence, Sharon realised one very important thing that would re-shape her life forever!!

This dynamic mother of 4 realised that after hitting the bag, punch after punch, minute after minute, round after round that she was not here to hit or fight against women anymore. The fighter inside her, although fully capable to keep going, was here to create an impact even bigger than she could imagine.  Sharon Anyos realised to the core of her soul that she was never going to touch another woman again with the intention of beating them and winning. This woman realised that her purpose was to impact and inspire women to beat themselves and become the champions of their worlds.

She lives diligently with the purpose, Vision and mission to show every woman just how truly incredible they really are, and to help them beat down that negative bullshit voice that keeps jabbing them every single time they try to do something or want to take a step forward.

Sharon Anyos Personal Growth Expo 1

Sharon Anyos is a very powerful

Influence in the Network Marketing Industry and from the last 17 years of speaking to and learning more about women and what they seriously need more of that will increase their level of living on the business or personal playing field of life she went ahead and created The Real Women Movement.  In this movement she teaches women the tools YOU need to become YOUR very best friend, YOUR biggest cheerleader and sets YOU up with the plan and strategies to ALWAYS shine YOUR Magic.  She teaches YOU how everyday can be the most INCREDIBLE day of YOUR life.

Sharon says “ We all have magic inside of us and MY magic is different to YOURS and YOUR magic is different to the WOMAN standing next to you.  I live MY life setting WOMEN up for success and showing them how to financially break free of financial stress, shitty commitment be it work, friendships or the big one; a RELATIONSHIP that’s not serving YOU in any way.

This Mumma shows women how to say YES to more opportunity in their lives so they can live a life full of purpose and passion.  A life where they can become the adventure Mumma’s and give to their kids and grandkids without having to be stuck in something or be somewhere that slowly and painfully dims their light.

Today Sharon is going to share some stories and she is going to show you a very simple strategy, where in 5 easy steps, YOU can truly become the CHAMPION of YOUR world AND create a life that YOU want to live, rather than one where YOU are just getting by, day by day.

Wether you are in business, looking for a a way to create an extra income or working for someone else Sharon says her tips and strategies can impact everyone who implants them in the most positive way and her Motto is simply


Don’t miss out on seeing this amazing women who really knows how to pack a punch in the business world today.

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.


Therese Kerr – Keynote Speaker

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The Personal Growth Expo Sunday 12th November in Broadbeach is proud to announce that Therese Kerr is one of our Keynote Speakers.

Therese wants to share her personal growth story about the effects chemicals are having on our lives.She wants to inform you through her experiences and help you understand what you can do to minimise the effects these chemicals are having on you.

Therese is an Author, Visionary, Public Speaker, The Health and Wellness Ambassador of Australian Organic, a Wellness Ambassador for The Mindd Foundation, Animal Rights Activist, Advocate for holistic family health and an Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia. Therese was voted Australian Organic Industry Leader and one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women. Therese shares evidence-based research specializing in detailing the impact of toxins on the body and in particular on the endocrine system including hormone health.


Through The Divine Company: Therese and her fellow Directors provide certified organic, nutrient and antioxidant-rich solutions in three categories: High Active Age Defying Skincare, Personal Care and Men’s Care products.

Through combining science and nature together with the latest technological advancements, The Divine Company has taken the efficacy of certified organic skincare to an unprecedented level.


Twitter: @divinebytk @therese_kerr

Instagram: @thedivinecompany  @theresekerr


Purchase your tickets HERE and NOW so you don’t miss out on this amazing advocate of natural health.

8923_Therese_Kerr_Divine By Therese Kerr

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ISR Training & Recruitment

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We, at the Personal Growth Expo, know the importance of up-skilling to increase your personal development and financial gain, especially in your own business. The speed at which technology is growing means we need to stay up to date and the best way to do that is through professional training companies.

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.


Don’t miss a Free Workshop on Goal Setting & Action

Here’s a message from our newest business partner who recently joined the Personal Growth Expo.  Don’t miss their free workshop on Goal Setting & Action – How to write life, yearly, monthly & weekly goals that motivate you daily in 5 different areas of life: personal, business/career, financial, health/fitness, and emotional.

ISR Training & Recruitment ISR small logo

As one of the fastest growing companies in our service sector, we are proud to continue educating, training and providing employment opportunities for novice and professional personnel alike. We’re proud to be participating in this year’s event, as our Founders, Jack Corbett and Ryan Tuckwood, are walking examples of how important it is to constantly seek personal development in order to be successful.

Over the past several years, we’ve trained, coached and mentored 1000’s of world class sales, customer service, marketing, and management personnel. Companies we’ve worked with include Groupon, Palm Lake Resorts, Mantra, Fairfax Media, and Real Insurance to name a few.

ISR Training & Recruitment (1)Many of the people that we have placed into work had absolutely no relevant experience when they joined the ISR Training Academy and now earn 6-figure incomes and beyond, utilising the skills we have taught them. We aspire to educate individuals to the highest industry standard and provide them with a skill set that will be applicable to any role.

As well as providing those with little experience the actionable tools to excel in the workplace, we pride ourselves on our ability to take seasoned staff and business owners to the next level. We thrive in working with individuals and organisations who have already experienced different types of training over the years and introducing them to a unique and modern perspective. By focusing on how the consumer of today buys, we have been able to massively increase both income and revenue streams for employees and business owners alike.

Our coaches and mentors have decades worth of training and negotiation experience, specializing in, but not limited to Real Estate, Insurance, Advertising, Education, Finance, Superannuation, Solar, and much more.

All Academy Inductees have access to:

  • Our award-winning ISR Online Sales & Telemarketing Course, regardless of experience
  • Access to our FREE Recruitment process, nationally
  • Access to a Dedicated Support Officer
  • A personally assigned Training Coach, (specifically chosen based on experience and ambition), available once a week for 45 minutes, either face to face or over the phone
  • Personal representation from ISR’s respected Professional Negotiators
  • Budgeting Assistance, on Saving and Investing
  • Access to Ongoing Coaching Videos

Kick-start your journey to financial freedom, give us a call today and take the first step towards starting the rest of your life.

We can’t wait to meet you at the Personal Growth Expo!

Level 1 The Gateway Building, 50 Appel St Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

07 5531 6485


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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.



The Experienced Counsellor

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This blog is longer than usual but it highlights Personal Growth in its many aspects.

It is well worth reading so you understand how people develop into the Top Blog Badgepositions they hold today and how Sue would be the perfect relationship counselor for most. Recently her blog was awarded in the top eight for the best blog for couples advise in Australia.

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.


Sue’s Story

My growth story starts when, at 15 years of age, I permanently left home. I left school at Year 10 – mainly due to my authoritarian mother who had the tendency to emotionally blackmail me: ‘I bought you this and that, so you must do this or that’. What would you do in my shoes? Continue being emotionally blackmailed and feeling guilt and anger, or get a job, earn my own money and live my own life? In the end it was an easy decision.

My first fulltime job was as a health food shop assistant. Later I worked as an assistant nurse in aged care facilities, learning on the job.

I’m the youngest of 7 children, and a half-sister to my 6 siblings. Their mother passed away and my father married my mother and had me. The marriage was not close or affectionate, and my father was a very selfish man.

I threw out most of the values around love and relationship that I observed as a child when I left home, because I didn’t want what my distant parents had with each other, or to be the way they were with their children. I wanted something more, something better. So, I observed people’s relationship interactions. I ‘picked people’s brains’ on the reasons WHY they did the things they did and behaved the way they behaved.

Mum died six days before my 21st birthday

Then, tragically, Mum died six days before my 21st birthday, and my anchor to feeling as though I belonged to anyone died with her. Although we didn’t have a really close relationship, she was still my mother. I was mum’s only child so it was only natural that she tended to spoil me more than she did my half siblings, leading them to resent me when we were children. The youngest of my siblings is 3 years older than me and the oldest 18 years. From the age I can remember, most of my older siblings had moved out and had lives and families of their own. We just didn’t know each other at all except for their biological role as my siblings.

Bradkay - SueG-019-EditORThe blow of losing my sense of belonging when I lost my mother set me on my current path of teaching people what it means to have a strong sense of self and to have an amazing relationship. Feeling so totally alone, belonging to someone became very important to me. I met my husband David at 23 at college and we talked for hours right from the start.  When we set up a home together we chose to have no TV and just kept talking.  We worked out what was important to us and what we wanted from life. You could say that we ‘had kids before we even had kids’, in that we imagined what it would be like, how we would treat them and each other, what values we would model for them.  Over the next 30 years, we realised we were doing something different to many (but by no means all) other couples– we seemed to be growing happier, more connected and remained very much in love.

Lung cancer made me re-evaluate my life

I had a lung cancer scare in 2004 that made me re-evaluate my life and what was important. I didn’t care how much money I had or what kind of house I lived in or the car we drove. I was more concerned about whether I had lived my life as a wife, mother and friend who would be remembered with love, who would be terribly missed. Or did I live my life in such a way that people would be relieved to see I was gone? My brush with death led to delving into myself and concluding that I had lived a worthwhile life of love for others. I felt I had left a good legacy and the world was a bit better for having me in it. I would be remembered with love – and I was content. As it happened I was granted more years, and I have now dedicated my life to helping others find contentment, love and joy in themselves and their relationships through communication, connection and consideration.

 Entrepreneur mindset

David’s unfailing belief in me, his encouragement and support have enabled me to change the way I viewed myself. My belief changed from being a ‘Year 10’ dropout to seeing myself as an intelligent person with potential. I have developed into an educated person with a total of 6 certificates and degrees, including a Master of Counselling, capable of making the world a more loving place, one couple at a time. I’ve gone from having the mindset of an employee to the mindset of an entrepreneur, owning and running my own business. Through his unfailing love I’ve had the freedom to be my best self in 2017 and I’m still not done. There is much more to do and learn and many people to help. So, no matter what life throws at me, I will handle it and come through it with love. Throughout my life’s journey, I have learned the most important lesson – to love and be loved in return is the greatest gift we have and the only thing that truly matters.

Metanao’s Story

Counselling - Enriching relationships.pngMetanao is an ancient Greek verb for ‘thinking differently’. The name embodies the focus on growth and change that is the core value of Metanao. Our belief is that you have the resources within you to become your best self. We believe an emotionally connected relationship is possible for everyone.

Metanao Counselling is concerned with helping individuals, couples and families deal with emotional pain and find solutions to their problems. People are often so entrenched in their problems that their thoughts become cyclic and they struggle to see a future without the problem. This can cause anxiety, depression and loss of hope.

My role as a solution-focused brief counsellor is to collaborate with clients to think differently and to re-frame the issue. The focus is on a vision of a better life and on helping to articulate a vision of a future without the problem. This creates hope leading to resilience, personal grow and change.

Metanao Relationships offers educational workshops that develop knowledge and skills. Through ‘thinking differently’, participants in our couples, singles and parenting workshop series are enabled to:

  • have an amazing relationship
  • develop a strong sense of self
  • be a relational parent and help your children develop into strong well-adjusted adults who become an asset to society and make a positive difference

Human beings are born to be in relationships where we are encouraged to be our best selves in an environment where we can grow. Metanao wants this for everyone. Imagine how many issues could be resolved if we each saw the value in loving each other and wanting only the best for each other.

Come and talk to Sue at the Personal Growth Expo, you’ll be pleased you did.

12th November 2017 Doors open at 9am

Albert Waterways Community Centre

Broadbeach, Queensland

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.


Enjoying Life Stress Free

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Kim Jewell 

Relieving Stress, Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

Personal transformation takes on many levels for every individual. You may require assistance in the Health, Wealth or Stealth areas so here at the Personal Growth Expo we intend to bring you as many different levels as possible.

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.


The Stealth element is about your mind set, emotions and attitude about any area in your life. Kim Jewell is our specialist in the Stress Reduction area using alternate therapies but don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself.


Kim J Jewell

Is a Cert. MNLP Trainer, a Level V Master- FasterEFT Practitioner, Behavioral Specialist, Mind Coach and Stress Specialist. She is also the author of the self-help book, “From Stress to Success.”

Kim works with clients to release stress, emotions, & limiting beliefs. Which in turn creates healing on all levels of the mind & body system.

Kim’s own journey through addiction and major anxiety has lead her down a road of intense healing. Twelve years into her journey of recovery, Kim found that she was still facing many of the same issues that had troubled her life. The substances were gone but the internal battle still raged on.

Traditional counseling and therapy had not helped in eliminating the stress and anxiety of day to day living. Burning with the desire to be happy, joyous and free, Kim started searching outside the traditional models of psychology in the hope of finding a path to peace. It has been this journey that has given Kim so much insight into connecting and helping others.

Through her life experience and professional experiences, Kim has been working with people for over 25 years. Kim has studied many forms of alternative healing. She has gained knowledge of the mind/body connection and continues to study the Nuero Science behind addiction.

Kim is passionate about helping others understand the workings of their minds and creating lasting change in their life.

If you want to chat to Kim and find out how she can help you with your stress related issues, book your General Admission Ticket on line now and save.

 The Personal Growth Expo is on 12th November 2017 at Albert Waterways Community Centre in Broadbeach.

 You will have the opportunity to meet Kim face to face and start reducing your stress levels while enjoying the keynote speakers, workshops and our great food court.

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.