Welcoming Winter

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Welcome to Winter, a time to assess what we have harvested over the last two seasons to determine if it will carry us through the colder or quieter months to the following Spring.

And it is no different in the business world.

Winter is a great time to gather and prepare our resources, ideas or suggestions for the following Spring where we can present them to the world as a new product, service or business idea. Even our personal life can take a step back to slow down or collect our thoughts ready to move forward when the warmth of the new season puts a Spring in our step.

This is why we are releasing the opening of the Early Bird Exhibitors. It gives you, as a small business, the time to put together new offers, refresh the old ones or add something completely different.

What a positive way to start the new season and the new month.

The Personal Growth Expo this year is adding even more to the Early Bird Exhibitor’s offer. Not only do you get your 2 x 2 mt area which gives you room to move and display your banners etc. You will also have a black fitted table cloth over your 1.6 mt table to hide your gear under and create a wonderful ambiance as attendees come into the Expo. Plus you get a free business video, of your business, to share on your and our social media sites and website. We would love to add you and your business as a blog to the site if you provide us with so info about it and the personal growth aspect of your business.

But wait there’s more!

This year we are offering two free half day workshops for our Early Bird Exhibitors to ensure you get good ROI.

The first workshop will be 8 weeks prior to the Expo when your business videos will be completed. The workshop will be about getting the most out of Social Media Marketing and like most of us small business we need to do this in a manner that suits us individually. This social media marketing strategy is one not to be missed and will make sure you use your free business video to it’s fullest capacity.

The second half day workshop will be held four weeks prior to the expo where you will be shown how to set up your stall, how to attract and engage people at your stall and how to make sales at the Personal Growth Expo.

If you want to take advantage of this offer click on the link and let’s get this Expo started.

Early Bird Exhibitor’s Offer

Please note that the Early Bird Exhibitor offer is only on for a limited amount of time and the free Business Videos will only be available for Early Bird Exhibitors. Past exhibitors will have the first option to purchase a stall during the month of June then the stalls will be open for all parties on a first in basis. We endeavor to have only one business type per section. For example only one book keeper will be under the Wealth section. This is to give our attendees more variety across the Personal Growth Industry.

The Personal Growth Expo

Sunday 4th November 2018  9am to 4pm

Southport Community Centre

Personal Growth Expo Susan Jane
We are ready at the Personal Growth Expo to release the Early Bird Exhibitors. Phew!

Get your Head right, get your Body right and get your Business right

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