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Hi Melly and Trish,

I have finished the Early Bird announcement for the 2018 Gold Coast Personal Growth Expo. Last year’s exhibitors will be so excited when they see the changes we have made for them, not to mention the new exhibitors that have been waiting for the event to open.

Now before we release it to the public I wanted you to have a quick look and see that everything is working as it should.

Go onto the website and click on the Exhibitor Information link. It’s the bright orange one on the right hand side of the site or scroll down if you are on your phone reading this.

That link will take you to the Exhibitors form to fill in and start the wheels in motion.

Have a look at the drop down section I added to the form where people can click on one of the three options.

  • Gold Coast 2018 Exhibitor Enquiry – If they just want to ask a few more questions before continuing knowing their place is safe or on hold.
  • Gold Coast 2018 Early Bird Exhibitor – For those who want to get in first and save their place knowing that we don’t double up on businesses.
  • Gold Coast 2018 Exhibitor Aug – Aug opens on 1st of August when the early bird exhibitors

The Early Bird Exhibitors still get the chance to produce a free business video of their business to share with their communities plus the opportunity to attend two free business workshops. This will ensure they get good ROI for the $250 spent on having a stall. Creating these videos for them not only helps the business coming on board but it gives us the opportunity to share their businesses to our interested parties as well. A real win-win situation and once they are shown how to do their social media marketing at the free business half day workshop, the Personal Growth Expo word will spread.

Then we only need to help them set up and sell from their stall which we will do in the second half day free business workshop closer to the Expo date.

All of the black fitted tablecloths are ready to go for the Exhibitors and I have made sure they get a good 2 metre square area so they can easily display their products and services on the tables and open their banners.

I know the Early Bird Exhibitors doesn’t officially open until the 1st June but I have opened it if you want to take a quick sneaky look at it.

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