What does success mean to you?

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Struggling between freely helping others and getting paid for it.

Have you ever been asked what success means to you? I know I have and fund it very difficult to express. My heart always goes to helping other with their personal growth without question but my head says you need to make money to survive.

We all define success in our own way but somehow the consensus always come back to money or finances to highlight how successful you are. I believe that it is because we have different aspects or areas in our lives that mean success to us but they are not as measurable as money is. Or what that cold hard cash can bring and let’s face it, it is true. The difference between driving around in a new car straight off the lot compared to a second hand car does depict a certain kind of success. We naturally feel the difference within ourselves and can respond to that feeling without realising. Sitting up straighter, adding a particular smile to your face and even nodding the person in the car beside you as they acknowledge their liking of your new vehicle. This is how I felt when I purchased my most recent car. Although it was second hand and my feeling of personal success was very new to me, I couldn’t help but bask in the enjoyment of it.

It was then that I realised that the most important part of success for me was how I felt about it not what it looked like. If I am feeling successful then I am well on my way to being successful in my own right. For me to feel successful using means that I am helping or assisting others in one way or another. Like to help whether it is a friendly word at the right time to lift the spirits of someone or picking up the pieces that have been dropped.

Success is about ‘feeling it’ and for me has to do with helping others. The Personal Growth Expo was designed with that in mind. To help small businesses get their products or services out to consumers in an affordable manner.

The other type of success is when we ‘see it’ and this is more about finances or what finances can bring. To start with financial success can bring you choices that you didn’t have before. You could take Business Class instead of Commercial Class on your next overseas flight. It also gives you a certain look if you spend your money on clothing, cars and other gadgets that make you appear to be oozing wealth. However ‘seeing’ wealth does not instantly mean you are successful.

If you ‘feel it’ and not ‘see it’ or ‘see it’ but not ‘feel it’ you are only halfway to being successful. I drove around in my beautiful sports car but struggled to get it serviced. I felt successfully briefly when I first saw my car but that feeling became insignificant when it came to maintaining it.  Race winningTo be truly successful you have to do both. You have to ‘KNOW IT’. When you know you are successful, you are authentic and no one can take it away from you. It is in your heart, head and gut as you live, breathe and feel that subtle energy of success.

So my challenge continued. I really enjoy helping people as it gives me the feeling of success. I love the choices being financially successful gives you but I didn’t know I was successful. That was until I completed the first Personal Growth Expo.

The expo was all about helping small businesses and helping the attendees and yet it gave me the ability to create finances. Finances not just for myself but for all the businesses involved in it. I felt it, I saw it and I KNOW the first Personal Growth Expo was truly successful which is why it is being held again in 2018.

APSA18_Bronze_Winner APSA18_Bronze_Winner

Award for Innovation in Consumer Events

Bronze for The Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year


What has been successful for you?

Personalgrowthexpo Date 4th Nov Square

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