To do or Not to do?

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To do or not to do, that is the Personal Development question.

As embarrassing as it is I have to confess I LOVE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT!  Hmmm let me rephrase that … I love personal development when I understand what it is and how it relates to me.

I know what you’re thinking ‘sometimes personal development is just a big pain in the butt’. That could be because you have had to attend a course for work that you didn’t have any interest in it. Or you may be experiencing something at home that is causing you grief under the guise of personal development. Nothing quite like learning the hard way and boy aren’t we good at that!

Yes I’m aware that contrast causes growth but gee whizz does it have to be so tough? No wonder staff members crack up when they have to attend another PD session! You can almost hear them saying PD that should be called Please Don’t.

But don’t get me wrong I must be one of the biggest PD nerds around. I can’t seem to get enough of it. Gosh I know that sounds pathetic but it’s true. I’ve been reading books about it all my life and started in my late teens. Whether it was about business development, spiritual attainment, financial growth, emotional mastery or any of the numerous health books that I could find, I would devour them. Hey, I am so bad that I even wrote my own personal development book about your intuition. Intuitive Flowers: Empowering your Goals. And I still have three more books started which help with personal growth. Oh yeah! I am bad, intuitively bad.

In fact my business has lots of tools that help you develop, trust and utilise your intuition which is all part of personal development.  So I guess that it was natural that I move from books, workshops, motivational talks and courses to the mother of all personal development.

‘The Personal Growth Expo’

He he he (wicked laugh)

Now, I longer have to search for people, books or businesses that provide what I love, they all come to me.

He he he (more wicked laughing)

At the Personal Growth Expo it was like I was living in PD heaven. I chatted, mingled and absorbed all the information being given out. I wrote my name down on everything that was being offered and basked in the glory of learning more about my Health, Wealth and inner Stealth from professionals excited to share.

It was then that it really occurred to me. A lesson that was taught to me in my early years from my parents, that if you love doing something and you do it with love it doesn’t seem like a chore. That was what the Personal Growth Expo was like for me. As the director of the event I loved meeting the people and hearing about their businesses and stories. We were all there for the same reason … for Personal Growth in one way, shape or form and we loved it.

Pig in mud Intuitive NatureOn the 4th November 2018 if you are at the Southport Community Centre listening to the fantastic speakers and amazing workshop facilitators at the Personal Growth Expo and you see someone rolling around on the floor don’t worry. It will probably be me, the little pig rolling around in the proverbial and loving it.

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