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What do you focus on in your business, the Big Picture or the Details?

It is a problem we all seem to face sometime through our career or even life. What do I focus on the Big Picture or the Details? The goal and where we want to go or the details and how to get there.

If you concentrate too much on the Big Picture it tends to grow bigger and bigger and can often become overwhelming. On the other hand if we focus too much on the details we can become so engrossed at what we are doing that we lose track of the end goal.

So what do you focus on the goal or the tasks to get to the goal?

DSC_0001 (1)
Looking at the big picture helps us to see the best direction to take

Of course we need to do both but I didn’t realise the importance of this until I put together the inaugural Personal Growth Expo. It was held on the Gold Coast in November 2017 and was quite successful as a first time exhibition. I put a lot of that down to the wonderful committee members that gathered regularly to discuss our goals and tasks for the expo.

What started as a one off expo on the Gold Coast soon blossomed to several expos in South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales before resting temporally with all of Australia! The Big Picture got bigger and bigger and I was seated in the front holding on for dear life. It was like a roller coaster ride, so exhilarating and yet so scary at times, but I loved it.

Naturally as the Big Picture got bigger the Tasks grew enormous in comparison. Basic tasks became more involved to incorporate the expansion and they needed to be mastered and taken forward. It was a mammoth task and keeping our eye on the end goal got harder and harder but we continued. Consequently some of the tasks were not being performed as well as they should have been and some just didn’t get done at all, as we focused on the Big Picture.

The marketing was one area that lacked traction and attention to detail but still we pushed on. Limited funds meant more hands on work and occasionally the goal blurred into the distance but it was still within reach. Eventually the day came for the expo and it was deemed a success by the exhibitors and attendees. Yes we wanted more attendees but with 41 exhibitors, just under 200 people was average for a first time expo.

This year it will be different.

Because we did focus on the Big Picture last year it has given us very strong direction and understandings of where we want to go and when we feel we can get there. We had intended on doing two more expos this year one on the Sunshine Coast and one West of Brisbane but they have been postponed. Concentrating on the Big Picture showed us what we needed to do to create the best expo we could before going anywhere else. It has highlighted the importance now of getting the details right in order to grow towards our potential.

So this year our focus is on the details.

Now we know the direction we can focus on the elements that make up the big picture.

We now have a very clear picture of what we want the expo to look like, in fact it is so clear that we do not need to focus on it at all. It is permanently etched into our minds and yet has the ability to change and grow as the details develop.

Every thought, idea or action task automatically relates back to the Big Picture so we are free to really break down the details and polish them up. Last year’s expo was all about the Big Picture and this year it is all about the details and tasks needed to make it even better.

Focusing on the Big Picture is a must but you need to make time for the details to be completed. Focusing on the details is also important but not at the expense of the Big Picture. Having a team working together like we did with the Personal Growth Expo allows the opportunity to do both. This year’s Personal Growth Expo will be bigger and better just because of this understanding and we are really looking forward to it.

So remember the Big Picture can get bigger when the details create the opportunity to expand.

For more information about becoming a sponsor for the Personal Growth Expo click on this link Sponsor Inquiry 

Sunday 4th November 2018

Southport Community Centre Gold Coast

DSC_0001 (1)
Did you notice the new green shoot that highlighted in the closeup, in the big picture?

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