Sharon Anyos – 5 Times World Boxer

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The Personal Growth Expo is excited to present Keynote Speaker Sharon Anyos to our stage on 12th November 2017 at Broadbeach

This lady has accolades that most people would not expect.. She is a 5 x World Champion Boxer.  Let that sink in for a moment.. she won not 1, not 2 not 3 but 5 World Titles in one of the toughest male dominated sports in history..  Not only that Sharon was Australia’s very first woman in history to ever win a world title in the sport of boxing and she was the very first woman to compete in a sanctioned boxing bout here in Australia.  She is the Inaugural WBC (World Boxing Council) Featherweight Champion meaning she was the very first woman to win this prestige title in the world and HISTORY of boxing and it doesn’t stop there… Sharon Anyos is the WBC Featherweight Emeritus Champion which means she is the Elite of the Elite with only 12 Champions in history holding this accolade … she is in an original group of 8 ever chosen for the title and the ownership of lifetime Emeritus Champion .

She is also the WBC Peace and Goodwill Ambassador, which is a position she holds very close to her heart.

She knows life is about not what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for others who can’t help themselves.

Sharon Anyos Personal Growth Expo 2This woman is an independent Mumma of 4 gorgeous young boys who she home schools, with one of her boys having special needs.  Her dream after having kids was to get back in the ring and continue as the person she always knew she was – “A Champion Fighter”.

After a 9 week stint in the USA, Mexico and the Bahamas with all her gorgeous boys and Manny where Sharon relocated her entire family to train and setup her new career to re-enter the boxing world – She even had the hand written contact details of the King of boxing promoters himself Mr Don King personally handed to her by him at a dinner table when he said he wanted to lead the future of her fight career.

After 9 weeks of gruelling and incredible training with the Roy Jones Jnr team, who had never had a female fighter in their gym in its entire existence, Sharon realised one very important thing that would re-shape her life forever!!

This dynamic mother of 4 realised that after hitting the bag, punch after punch, minute after minute, round after round that she was not here to hit or fight against women anymore. The fighter inside her, although fully capable to keep going, was here to create an impact even bigger than she could imagine.  Sharon Anyos realised to the core of her soul that she was never going to touch another woman again with the intention of beating them and winning. This woman realised that her purpose was to impact and inspire women to beat themselves and become the champions of their worlds.

She lives diligently with the purpose, Vision and mission to show every woman just how truly incredible they really are, and to help them beat down that negative bullshit voice that keeps jabbing them every single time they try to do something or want to take a step forward.

Sharon Anyos Personal Growth Expo 1

Sharon Anyos is a very powerful

Influence in the Network Marketing Industry and from the last 17 years of speaking to and learning more about women and what they seriously need more of that will increase their level of living on the business or personal playing field of life she went ahead and created The Real Women Movement.  In this movement she teaches women the tools YOU need to become YOUR very best friend, YOUR biggest cheerleader and sets YOU up with the plan and strategies to ALWAYS shine YOUR Magic.  She teaches YOU how everyday can be the most INCREDIBLE day of YOUR life.

Sharon says “ We all have magic inside of us and MY magic is different to YOURS and YOUR magic is different to the WOMAN standing next to you.  I live MY life setting WOMEN up for success and showing them how to financially break free of financial stress, shitty commitment be it work, friendships or the big one; a RELATIONSHIP that’s not serving YOU in any way.

This Mumma shows women how to say YES to more opportunity in their lives so they can live a life full of purpose and passion.  A life where they can become the adventure Mumma’s and give to their kids and grandkids without having to be stuck in something or be somewhere that slowly and painfully dims their light.

Today Sharon is going to share some stories and she is going to show you a very simple strategy, where in 5 easy steps, YOU can truly become the CHAMPION of YOUR world AND create a life that YOU want to live, rather than one where YOU are just getting by, day by day.

Wether you are in business, looking for a a way to create an extra income or working for someone else Sharon says her tips and strategies can impact everyone who implants them in the most positive way and her Motto is simply


Don’t miss out on seeing this amazing women who really knows how to pack a punch in the business world today.

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.


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