Therese Kerr – Keynote Speaker

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The Personal Growth Expo Sunday 12th November in Broadbeach is proud to announce that Therese Kerr is one of our Keynote Speakers.

Therese wants to share her personal growth story about the effects chemicals are having on our lives.She wants to inform you through her experiences and help you understand what you can do to minimise the effects these chemicals are having on you.

Therese is an Author, Visionary, Public Speaker, The Health and Wellness Ambassador of Australian Organic, a Wellness Ambassador for The Mindd Foundation, Animal Rights Activist, Advocate for holistic family health and an Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia. Therese was voted Australian Organic Industry Leader and one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women. Therese shares evidence-based research specializing in detailing the impact of toxins on the body and in particular on the endocrine system including hormone health.


Through The Divine Company: Therese and her fellow Directors provide certified organic, nutrient and antioxidant-rich solutions in three categories: High Active Age Defying Skincare, Personal Care and Men’s Care products.

Through combining science and nature together with the latest technological advancements, The Divine Company has taken the efficacy of certified organic skincare to an unprecedented level.


Twitter: @divinebytk @therese_kerr

Instagram: @thedivinecompany  @theresekerr


Purchase your tickets HERE and NOW so you don’t miss out on this amazing advocate of natural health.

8923_Therese_Kerr_Divine By Therese Kerr

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