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This blog is longer than usual but it highlights Personal Growth in its many aspects.

It is well worth reading so you understand how people develop into the Top Blog Badgepositions they hold today and how Sue would be the perfect relationship counselor for most. Recently her blog was awarded in the top eight for the best blog for couples advise in Australia.

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The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.


Sue’s Story

My growth story starts when, at 15 years of age, I permanently left home. I left school at Year 10 – mainly due to my authoritarian mother who had the tendency to emotionally blackmail me: ‘I bought you this and that, so you must do this or that’. What would you do in my shoes? Continue being emotionally blackmailed and feeling guilt and anger, or get a job, earn my own money and live my own life? In the end it was an easy decision.

My first fulltime job was as a health food shop assistant. Later I worked as an assistant nurse in aged care facilities, learning on the job.

I’m the youngest of 7 children, and a half-sister to my 6 siblings. Their mother passed away and my father married my mother and had me. The marriage was not close or affectionate, and my father was a very selfish man.

I threw out most of the values around love and relationship that I observed as a child when I left home, because I didn’t want what my distant parents had with each other, or to be the way they were with their children. I wanted something more, something better. So, I observed people’s relationship interactions. I ‘picked people’s brains’ on the reasons WHY they did the things they did and behaved the way they behaved.

Mum died six days before my 21st birthday

Then, tragically, Mum died six days before my 21st birthday, and my anchor to feeling as though I belonged to anyone died with her. Although we didn’t have a really close relationship, she was still my mother. I was mum’s only child so it was only natural that she tended to spoil me more than she did my half siblings, leading them to resent me when we were children. The youngest of my siblings is 3 years older than me and the oldest 18 years. From the age I can remember, most of my older siblings had moved out and had lives and families of their own. We just didn’t know each other at all except for their biological role as my siblings.

Bradkay - SueG-019-EditORThe blow of losing my sense of belonging when I lost my mother set me on my current path of teaching people what it means to have a strong sense of self and to have an amazing relationship. Feeling so totally alone, belonging to someone became very important to me. I met my husband David at 23 at college and we talked for hours right from the start.  When we set up a home together we chose to have no TV and just kept talking.  We worked out what was important to us and what we wanted from life. You could say that we ‘had kids before we even had kids’, in that we imagined what it would be like, how we would treat them and each other, what values we would model for them.  Over the next 30 years, we realised we were doing something different to many (but by no means all) other couples– we seemed to be growing happier, more connected and remained very much in love.

Lung cancer made me re-evaluate my life

I had a lung cancer scare in 2004 that made me re-evaluate my life and what was important. I didn’t care how much money I had or what kind of house I lived in or the car we drove. I was more concerned about whether I had lived my life as a wife, mother and friend who would be remembered with love, who would be terribly missed. Or did I live my life in such a way that people would be relieved to see I was gone? My brush with death led to delving into myself and concluding that I had lived a worthwhile life of love for others. I felt I had left a good legacy and the world was a bit better for having me in it. I would be remembered with love – and I was content. As it happened I was granted more years, and I have now dedicated my life to helping others find contentment, love and joy in themselves and their relationships through communication, connection and consideration.

 Entrepreneur mindset

David’s unfailing belief in me, his encouragement and support have enabled me to change the way I viewed myself. My belief changed from being a ‘Year 10’ dropout to seeing myself as an intelligent person with potential. I have developed into an educated person with a total of 6 certificates and degrees, including a Master of Counselling, capable of making the world a more loving place, one couple at a time. I’ve gone from having the mindset of an employee to the mindset of an entrepreneur, owning and running my own business. Through his unfailing love I’ve had the freedom to be my best self in 2017 and I’m still not done. There is much more to do and learn and many people to help. So, no matter what life throws at me, I will handle it and come through it with love. Throughout my life’s journey, I have learned the most important lesson – to love and be loved in return is the greatest gift we have and the only thing that truly matters.

Metanao’s Story

Counselling - Enriching relationships.pngMetanao is an ancient Greek verb for ‘thinking differently’. The name embodies the focus on growth and change that is the core value of Metanao. Our belief is that you have the resources within you to become your best self. We believe an emotionally connected relationship is possible for everyone.

Metanao Counselling is concerned with helping individuals, couples and families deal with emotional pain and find solutions to their problems. People are often so entrenched in their problems that their thoughts become cyclic and they struggle to see a future without the problem. This can cause anxiety, depression and loss of hope.

My role as a solution-focused brief counsellor is to collaborate with clients to think differently and to re-frame the issue. The focus is on a vision of a better life and on helping to articulate a vision of a future without the problem. This creates hope leading to resilience, personal grow and change.

Metanao Relationships offers educational workshops that develop knowledge and skills. Through ‘thinking differently’, participants in our couples, singles and parenting workshop series are enabled to:

  • have an amazing relationship
  • develop a strong sense of self
  • be a relational parent and help your children develop into strong well-adjusted adults who become an asset to society and make a positive difference

Human beings are born to be in relationships where we are encouraged to be our best selves in an environment where we can grow. Metanao wants this for everyone. Imagine how many issues could be resolved if we each saw the value in loving each other and wanting only the best for each other.

Come and talk to Sue at the Personal Growth Expo, you’ll be pleased you did.

12th November 2017 Doors open at 9am

Albert Waterways Community Centre

Broadbeach, Queensland

General Admission Tickets

The Personal Growth Expo brings service based businesses together in a collaborative environment to showcase their talents to the community.


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