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Janice Muir

Janice MuirThe Personal Growth Expo is about stepping up and being counted and Janice Muir certainly does that. We are delighted to have on board a lady who has not only experienced hardship losing her long-time partner, but has also had to battle her own health issues. Janice has done all this by maintaining her focus on her vision.

Janice Muir, Published Author and Speaker, has put her hand up to be our Logistic Coordinator. A mammoth task bringing together the exhibitors to create a natural flow or movement of human traffic to the expo. This will ensure that what the exhibitors and visitors expectations will manifest right before their eyes. I vision indeed to be proud of but please read on and let Janice tell you about her personal growth story.

Janice writes:

I, lead a relatively quiet life until I was faced with a few of life’s adversities. I was strong and gained my true strength to fight and keep the dream alive.  It was my younger years when I first achieved as a young ten-year-old to reach state championships in Athletics with a gold medal. It was my athletic pathway that showed great potential.  Dreams, and goals of reaching more gold were gone, in one split second – for the mind to conceive. It only took a family members comment to shatter my dreams and I never run again.

What makes you think you are good enough and I never ran again!

I did a lot of other sports, netball, basketball, and was a leader in Aerobics up to 5 days for a week, over 5 yrs, however I never competed in athletics again.

I witnessed and experienced many life changing events. In 1998, I faced losing my partner of 30 odd years to the disease Alzheimer’s Dementia.  Then in year 2000 I placed him in a home.  In late 200,1 I uplifted from Darwin and moved to Brisbane; in 2002, my partner passed away.  In 2003, my daughter moved back to Darwin to start a fresh life and now happily married with 2 children.  In 2005 from a standard doctors’ consultation I was diagnosed with pre-cervical cancer – it was caught in time. 

6 short months later; April 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and faced radical surgery to have to fight to keep the dream alive again.  In 2007 after 9 months away from employment I faced the gradual return to work.  From then onwards to 2011 I faced my personal challenges of development and growth after my illness.  During this time, I wrote lots of notes on parts of my life as a way of coping during a challenging time in life.  It wasn’t until around 2009 I was fortunate to study Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and then it finally clicked; I gained further clarity and started to write of my own experiences and bring this into a book. 

With another adversity to face in 2012 and a radical impact on my life I was retrenched from a 30-year career in the Public Service. I was fortunate to have the insight to learn from the personal development impact and to have enjoyed writing in this time that I self-published my first book in late 2012.  I also was challenged after an appraisal of my first book to create my second edition.  2015 my revised second edition was re-published with guidance and enhanced new content. This has led me on a path of new discovery to want to write more.  I was fortunate to gain a writing coach and my second topic (3rd book) was born; called A VISION to Win. This book was published in May 2017.

I have a small library of books on the go. A small series of 6 books for 8-18 ages of which 2 of these books are written and 4 plots ready to go.  I have 2 books plotted on ‘my journey coping with Alzheimer’s’ and the other is ‘coping with breast cancer alone’ both books are plotted just need to be bought into story.  I have managed getting these book into order on my own and had some help from a mentor.   My inspiration is mainly to inspire the young adult to see themselves already achieving what they desire in life.

My current book A VISION to Win is a story about my athletic days, and the journey of what I learned along the way. How to win Gold all using the power of the mind.

Thank you

Janice Muir

We all have stories of Personal Growth and we all have stories yet to be created about Personal Growth. As an exhibitor you can share your story to promote your product or service and if you pay your deposit before close of business August 31st you have the option of sharing it in our advertising.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help others in their personal growth by sharing your personal development with them.

Exhibitors deposit to hold a place at the Expo.

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