It is up and running!!!

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The Inaugural


Personal Growth Expo

The Eventbright tickets are now available for Business Partners (Stall Holders) and for general entry. All of the links are still coming together as are the forms to apply for a table at the Expo but I was so excited I had to start adding blogs.

I know, I’m a bit crazy and maybe, just maybe, I’ve jumped the gun but I want every SMALL BUSINESS OWNER on the Gold Coast

This EXPO is for you!!


To increase your bottom line, Increase your Personal Growth

Now you can with every aspect of personal growth in one place. No more searching for help in all the wrong places. Get your Business Wealth, Physical Health and Inner Stealth sorted all under the one roof.

Get a table under your category, ask for a speaking gig at one of the three speaking areas or grab an early general admission ticket to secure your entry at a very low price.

Business Partner Stall

General Admission

Forms to Download

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